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Managing the complexities

of simply being human.

Antje Spiertz

Coaching & Counseling

Make it matter.

Make yourself matter by exploring who you are - because those who dare to understand what it takes to be human and take action is all that matters. 


Together we explore and manage the complexities of the psyche. We discover your potential - driving whole person growth and sustained outcomes.

Make it happen.

With Psymatters we support leaders, entrepreneurs and teams to go through challenging times strengthened.


I personally work from the psychological side of a transformation from both an individual and business lens. As a trusted advisor, coach and counselor I support you one-on-one or as a team. When appropriate, I bring in my trusted partners to complement and enrich the breadth of dialogue, frameworks and perspectives.

The journey.



At the core sit the matters of the psyche fueling whole person




Transform inside...

to show outside...



Outcome: Sustainable transformation.


Antje Spiertz

I grew up in Germany, went to the University of Heidelberg, where I studied psychology and graduated with honors. I'm a professional certified coach with the International Coaching Federation and a psychotherapist in training with further education in eastern philosophy and the art of teaching yoga. During my academic career and ever since I have a weakness when it comes to exploring the far corners of the world. Diversity and tolerance have always been part of my DNA. This allows me to understand the values and concerns of my clients at a deeper level. I founded Psymatters in 2019, and now work with international clients virtually as well as on-site. I see myself as a mentor and trusted advisor for individuals and teams who are ready to think differently. Together we take the plunge and focus on mental health and personal growth.

M. Sc. Psychologist, Coach & Counselor

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About me

Selected client testimonials. 


Dr. Marc Roman Franke
Associate Director / Digital Transformation at Boston Consulting Group

Antje is highly experienced and brings versatility from yoga to management consulting symbiotically to her coaching. At the pandemic's peak, I faced high work demand, where I truly appreciated, I could reach out to Antje. In just a few conversations, marked by a high level of empathy, her impressive presence, and her fascinating active listening skills, Antje has ignited the first steps towards my substantial change. She demonstrates an impressive ability to deal with complex challenges, distill the main cause, and offer concrete, effective actions, which is essential to pave the coachee's
path for success.

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Payal Gori
Founder & Managing Partner at Karuna
Impact Partnerin Africa Yoga Project 

Antje is one of the most patient and present people I have ever met. She is brilliant at understanding the human mind. Her empathetic nature offers me the freedom to experience my true self. She helps me overcome limiting beliefs and move forward. We first met at our Yoga Teacher Training in Kenya. I was impressed by her attentive listening and constant will to offer her experience and connect the dots between Yoga Philosophy and Psychology.
I'm glad she took on the adventure making her way to Kenya to become a yoga teacher and our trusted alumni.

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Anis Hachem
B2B Innovation & Sustainability Manager / Global Innovation Coach

Antje is a cosmopolitan who knows how to use her different intercultural experiences in coaching. Through her experience she offers valuable thoughts, questions and perspectives which leaves you feeling empowered and inspired. Antje understands to put the human side of a transformation first but still does not forget to balance of the strategic side too. Working with Antje is a pleasure. I recommend Antje to anybody who knows that passion and values are the real driver of our modern world. Thanks Antje for being a short timed but a truly meaningful and everlasting companion.

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Selected side projects.

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Antje Spiertz

Coaching & Counseling

Phone: +49 (0) 176 48080321


Inspired challenging adventures that initiate and maintain a journey of self-discovery. From camel trekking with nomads through the Sudanese desert, motorbiking across the Mongolian wilderness, training with a southern African anti-poaching squad these life-affirming challenges are at the heart the transformation process. 

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Are you a female doer eager to grow personally, with a soft spot for assuming responsibility? The circle makes community its secret weapon and allows women to tap into each other, share their visions, help each other make their visions become reality and hereby increase the chances of success. 

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The Africa Yoga Project educates, empowers, elevates and expands employability with youth in Africa using the transformational practice of yoga. If marginalized youth complete the Africa Yoga Project’s (AYP) Academy – which amplifies AYP’s use of yoga to increase incomes, service/civic engagement, and builds the wellbeing industry – those youth will lead the industry in Africa.

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