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Trusted partners.

Psymatters has the privilege of working with a trusted network of professionals who embody the Psymatters philosophy. We collaborate on a project basis allowing us to design teams that best fit our client needs.

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Monique Zimmermann

Executive Coach | Dipl. Psych
Leadership & Corporate Culture
Development Expert

I live, learn, teach and coach with a lot of energy and passion. My psychology background accompanies me, but even more my interest in individuality as well as the will to offer support in discovering the unique potential in everyone. When it comes to high-performance teams and individuals, I believe in holistic approaches keeping the mental, social, emotional and physical aspects in mind. I have more than 10 years of experience as a consultant and coach at the C-level with a focus on leadership and team development. I am driven by a passion for sports and holism. I find my balance in my ambition for triathlon and within the practice of yoga and mindfulness. Antje and me have not only been colleagues but also friends for a long time. Connected by our approach and mindsets we host corporate workshops globally and tailor each project according to your needs.

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Carolin Obernolte

Strategy & OKR Advisor 
M.Sc. International Management
Entrepreneur | Management Consultant

I'm an experienced strategy consultant specialized in Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) transformations and a firm believer in the strategical and psychological whole. My expertise lies in supporting organizations accelerate their business growth by adopting OKRs, a renowned target setting framework from the Silicon Valley. I help implement and roll out OKRs by guiding top executives and their teams through the OKR cycle.
Me and Antje join forces when it comes to connecting both the factual and the cultural side to bring about sustainable growth
'above and below the surface'.

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Delfina Zagarzazú

Network Orchestrator and Mentor for Systems Change Entrepreneurs
M. B. A. | Circular Economy

I apply my entrepreneurial and values-based mindset to explore collective conversations in pursuit of a wellbeing economy. My work focuses on exploring purpose and value in the context of the global shift from shareholder to stakeholder capitalism. My global experience building ecosystems of change inside and outside companies, including the B Corp movement of companies, has led me to work with a wide diversity of stakeholders. Me and Antje deliver retreats on personal development and self-leadership for social entrepreneurs. I could not ask for a better partner who is collaborative, adaptive and empathetic with strong values and passion behind her work. Together we use business as a force for good by  redefining success and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

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Antje Spiertz

Mental Health Coaching & Counseling

3 Aachener Straße

Cologne 50674

Phone: +49 (0) 173 42568442

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