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Our philosophy. 

At the heart of our work is a humanistic approach. This means we look at the whole person (body, mind and soul) and the uniqueness of each individual. It begins with the existential assumptions that people have free will and are motivated to unleash their potential and self-actualize.

Our work. 

Through more than ten years of experiences within psychology as well as through shared experiences from my network, I learned that our body, mind and soul are deeply connected. Therefore, I work with all layers integrating different approaches to bring about sustainable transformation for you. We mix and match different elements from psychology, business and life coaching, cognitive behavior therapy, eastern philosophy, yoga, and meditation to create your individual journey.


Personal growth has much to do with understanding and connecting to oneself. It is a precondition for relating to others. Although there are many reasons for this, one of the most obvious reasons is that, how you show up for yourself sets the example. From a systemic point of view, the way you connect to others sets the stage for how others connect to you. According to your needs we mix and match different approaches to create your journey. Whatever it is - deciding your next career move, creating clarity, finding more balance, reconnecting to yourself, leading authentically, increasing your impact or releasing pressure and feeling like yourself again - the answers are already inside you. Together, we explore your core, and define ways to fuel up your growth by using your unique psych matters.


A company really thrives when strong and healthy individuals stand together as united teams and contribute their strengths and talents to achieve a higher purpose together. According to the inside and out approach (applying the 'iceberg metaphor'), transformation starts below the surface - where the psychological side of a company operates. We dare to tackle the topics comprising 90% of the iceberg's bottom: values, beliefs, needs, trigger points, vulnerable spots, trust, ingredients to build strong relationships and feedback as 'the breakfast of champions'. The formats (virtual and on-site) combine science based frameworks with in group sharing and learning, all following the premise that great leadership and sustainable growth starts with yourself.

Sustainable growth outline.

III. Success


At the core, the psyche matters and thats what fuels up your growth process.

I. Individual

II. Team

Beginning at the individual level, the psychological side then impacts the team and ultimately emerges above the waterline contributing to long-term success of the company.

Individual coaching.

Learn about the psychological side 'below the surface' and develop key skills to benefit your performance and wellbeing (also available for corporate) virtually and/or on-site.

Corporate workshop.

Create unique, immersive experiences around the matters of the psych for your leadership teams virtually and/
or on-site. 

Key note speaking.

Share ideas and solid inputs around the psychic core of growth and sustainable transformation.


Get more insights around the power of the psych with our selection of articles and micro blogs.

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Antje Spiertz

Mental Health Coaching & Counseling

3 Aachener Straße

Cologne 50674

Phone: +49 (0) 173 42568442

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